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Quality Αssurance

Accounting and Finance Department Quality Policy

The Department of Accounting and Finance has as its mission the cultivation and promotion of scientists in the academic subjects of Accounting and Finance, offering study programs at undergraduate and postgraduate level that serve the education and specialization of students as executives of businesses, organizations and organizations, the activities of which span the private and public sectors. The Department shapes its activities (including its curriculum, basic and applied research) so that its graduates have the necessary scientific and technological knowledge and skills. The main purpose is graduates to be well qualified for their scientific and professional careers and development, pursuing a career either academically in the treated subjects, or professionally as executives of companies, organizations and services in the private and public sector, or even as self-employed.

The Department of Accounting and Finance considers quality assurance as its vital element and envisions through it to have succeeded in long term:

– The establishment of a culture of continuous improvement, which will strictly ensure all quality parameters and promote excellence.

– Creating an attractive environment for highly trained scientists and the achievement of a competitive student population.

– Consistently follow motivation and continuous development strategies for students and staff.

– To be a point of reference in the wider geographical area for excellence in teaching and research, the linking of its teaching and research with the productive environment, safeguarding the rules of ethics, and its impact on the local community.

To have a unique personality that will make the Department and its graduates unique in relation to similar University Departments in Greece and abroad.

The Department takes care of the preservation of the typical characteristics of academia, academic values, the development of rules of ethics and ethical practice. Moreover, it promotes and respect the values ​​of equality, prevents discrimination of any kind, encourages the openness of its infrastructure and its work, supports a culture of cooperation and development, ensures transparency in collective decisions, and ensures that all its individual teaching, research, administrative, and social actions are harmonized with the strategies and policies of the institution. The Department has a duty to efficiently organise its offered services, to manage resources and -to the extent it s responsibility- to develop and maintain its infrastructure.

For more information, please download the 'Accounting and Finance Department Quality Policy' document



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