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PSP Accounting & Auditing - General Info

The subject of PSP Accounting & Auditing

The Master's Program 'Accounting and Auditing' targets the deepening and expansion of scientific knowledge, techniques and the promotion of research in the wider field of Accounting and Auditing, providing postgraduate students with specialized knowledge of accounting science and auditing related to the development of international economic activities of companies, organizations and entities of the private and public sector of the economy and support it. The PSP will be implemented by the Department of Accounting and Finance of the School of Management and Economics of the International Hellenic University.

Establishment (Legal documents)

The legal documents related to the establishment of the postgraduate studies program can be found here..


The main objective of the PSP is the comprehensive and in-depth approach to the parameters-sides that determine the present and the future of international financial transactions and the highlighting of accounting, auditing and their tools as an important means for their rational and effective promotion. Essentially, it aims to utilize the tools of accounting science and control procedures as a prerequisite for the development of economically efficient activities in the wider international area.

More specific objectives are:

  • Knowledge extraction on the related scientific fields.
  • Research development in the respected scientific areas of the PSP.
  • THe education of young scientists who will be able to follow academic career.
  • Meeting the needs at postgraduate level for trained business executives in the private and public sector.
  • The provision of the necessary, high-level, knowledge for efficient and effective control of human and financial resources.
  • The development of interest and understanding of the increasingly complex and dynamic international business environment.
  • The preparation of executives capable of promoting the development of Greek businesses both at home and abroad.
  • The training of executives for the public administration and the organizations and services dependent on the State.

Master Degree

The successful completion of the PSP leads to the acquisition of the 'Master's Degree in Accounting and Auditing', which will be awarded by the Department of Accounting and Finance of the International Hellenic University.. 

Study Duration

The Master's Program lasts for three academic semesters (18 months) and it is divided into two academic semesters (Semester 1: September - January and Semester 2: February - June) and one semester for the preparation of the master's thesis (July - December). Each semester consists of at least 10 teaching weeks and 2 weeks of exams (a total of at least 12 weeks). The exams are held at the end of each semester.

Study Guide

You can download the Study Guide for the PSP Accounting and Audit.

Academic Councelor

The Study Advisor is responsible for informing and advising students on various issues. Learn more from Academic Advisor Regulation.

Quality Policy

For more information about the quality policy you may download the relevent documentation. Quality Policy for Postgraduate Study Programs.

Code of Ethics

Research is regulated by the Code of Ethics for Research.



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