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PSP Accounting and Auditing - Applications

Information for Applicants

The Department of Accounting and Finance of the INTERNATIONAL HELLENIC UNIVERSITY, (KAVALA CAMPUS) informs those interested in studying in the Master's Program in the subject "ACCOUNTING AND AUDITING" that the following alternative options are available:

Α) Full-time course of 3 semesters, (2 semesters with courses and 1 semester for the diploma thesis)

Β) Part-Time study for 5 semesters

Γ) Face to face and distant courses

Δ) Courses and writing a thesis either in Greek or English language (for non-Greek speaking audience).

Applicants can apply from
Wednesday 10 May until Friday 16 June 2023.

Courses will start at the beginning of October 2023.

The applications can be submitted by regular post or email following the contact details reported in the application template.

The cost of the PSP is to €3,500.00 for all 3 semesters for the Full Study program (or 5 semesters for the Part Study program) and is paid by the students as follows:

*One time payment gives 10& discount (3150,00 Euros)
** In case of three or more applicants from the same enterprise or
Organization, a discount of 20% will be given (2800,00 Euros).

Full time study

Part-Time Study

  • Student registration: 500 €
  • Student registration: 500 €
  • Until 31 October 2023: 1.500 €
  • Until 31 October 2023: 750 €
  • Until 29 February 2024: 1.500 € 
  • Until 29 February 2024: 750 €
  • Unitl 31 October 2024: 750 €
  • Until 28 February 2025: 750 €

Student applications should include the following documents:

  1. Application form completed and signed by the candidate(more)
  2. Submission of the relevant supporting documents(more)

The selection criteria of the candidates can be found here here.

For letters of recommendation you can use the suggested template(more).

Candidates who are taking the spring semester exams and/or the September re-examinations of the undergraduate study program can submit their application now and, after the exams, the copy of the diploma certifying that they have successfully completed their studies.

The interviews of candidate students will be conducted by a three-member Evaluation Committee in the meeting room of the school of economic administration.

Applications cannot be accepted if:

  • they are not completed (all required documents)
  • they do not use the given templates

All information fot the PSP are available at the website:

Check the new invitation for applications for academic year 2023-2024.. For more information or for making questions please contact the secretariat: 2510-462197 (TuesdayFriday 11:0014:00).

The Director of PSP

Athanasios Mandilas




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